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Bridget Kelly’s Cocaine Instagram really Sugar? 4 reasons we don’t believe her

Bridget Kelly’s Cocaine Instagram really Sugar? 4 reasons we don’t believe her


Singer Bridget Kelly is trying to pull a fast one on the world, but is anyone buying it?

After posting a picture on Instagram of what looks like a small-time dealers set up of Cocaine, and trying to tell her followers it was confectionery sugar, Bridget Kelly’s high was definitely blown – and so was her cover.

We know most celebrities are about that life!

Though many people do try to sell a life that they don’t live, who would expect Kelly, who is living it up at Austin’s SXSW, to fake the glamorous life?

With the recent hospitalization of Lil Wayne who pretty much OD’d on Codeine, and celebrities like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and more bragging about their medicinal drug use, not much surprises us anymore.

While the nieve will believe Bridget’s lame excuse for a baking party (which could only be a munchie fix), and that Lil Wayne is chilling with Birdman watching the game (not in a coma), Take a look at 4 reasons we don’t believe Bridget Kelly’s false advertisement.

1. She’s a celebrity – Yes it’s a cop-out, but how many rehab stories to we hear annually, and how many songs do we hear promoting drug use daily.  When you have a surplus of money, fame, and a lot of time to party, we can’t say we’re mad at it.

2. #whitegirl – White girls don’t use the term white girl unless they’re talking about the #whitegirl.  We went back to quite a few tweets and nope, only time she used it.

3.  Her sugar excuse came too late. You didn’t see Rihanna retracting any photo comments when her assistant was holding that white baggy (see below)?

4.  That picture looks way too real.  What person takes time to put sugar in tiny baggies if you’re just going to bake with it?




Do you believe her?



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