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Can a Respectable Woman Still Have a Sugar Daddy?

Can a Respectable Woman Still Have a Sugar Daddy?

I was with a girlfriend at a very nice rooftop lounge in Buckhead, enjoying the summer breeze and a fruity cocktail, when I was tapped on the shoulder by a random woman behind me. She told me that she was with an older, white gentleman that she had met that night, and they were having a conversation about me. I asked, “About what?” and she said that he challenged her to approach me because he didn’t think she would.

The stranger continued, “You see that man over there? He asked me to come over here and ask you how much it would be to spend time with him for the week? He said whatever price you name, he will double it.”  After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I politely said, “No, thanks,” and continued with my evening.

Recounting that ordeal leads me to a recent and very interesting episode of MTV’s “True Life: I’m a Sugar Baby.” Three young people are “self-proclaimed sugar babies who accept gifts from older companions in exchange for their company. All three try to lead independent lives, but they can’t seem to let go of their taste for luxury,” according to MTV.

The term “sugar baby” is defined by as “a woman who provides companionship and/or sexual relations for a wealthy, older man in exchange for expensive gifts and/or money; a gold digger.” The word “prostitute” is defined by as being “a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot” and also “a man who engages in sexual acts for money.”

If you like nice things, then what’s the big deal if a man is willing to give them to you for a simple exchange of your time and company, you ask? But what happens when the man wants more? Do you compromise your integrity, morals and beliefs just to continue enjoying the “finer things?”  Is relying on a sugar daddy OK to “help” you support the expensive lifestyle you want or have acquired, or should you get a job and live within your means?

Common sense says these “sugar daddies” want more.  When a man is shelling out money for “company,” his paradigm is most assuredly rooted in prostitution. So, the burning question is this: Is it OK for otherwise respectable women to play for pay, or does it set women light-years behind and border on immoral?  Sound off!  

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