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Celebrities with insured body parts

Celebrities with insured body parts

Rihanna -  Styled to Rock

Sure we purchase insurance for our vehicles or homes but when it comes to Hollywood, some stars have much more at stake. Whether they were born with it or had it enhanced, they are taking no chances with their most prized possessions. And by that, we mean their best assets!

From Rihanna’s long legs inured at $1 million to Julia Roberts, blockbuster smile, the below celebrties have taken out insurance plans on their best body parts. Check it out below!

Madonna: Breasts, $2 million

2012 BET Awards - Show
Mariah Carey: Legs, $1 Billion

Kylie Minogue: Butt, $5 Million

Julia Roberts: Smile, $30 Million

Jennifer Lopez: Butt, $300 Million

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