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Celebrity Hair Stylist Derek J. Celebrates Grand Opening of The J Spot Salon

Celebrity Hair Stylist Derek J. Celebrates Grand Opening of The J Spot Salon

The J Spot Hair Salon … the name alone has a ring to it that you can’t forget. Last night, celebrity stylist, RHOA and Hair Battle Spectacular cast member Derek J. celebrated in style at the grand opening of his newest salon in Atlanta.

Friends and clients kicked back in the chic salon setting sipping Remy Martin mixed drinks over cool conversation. Talking Pretty caught up with Derek J. to find out more about his style and what’s in store for the salon.

Check out excerpts from our exclusive interview below.





What are you wearing tonight?

I have on Gap, Zara, and Jeffery Campbell.

How did you come up with the name The J Spot? Do you plan for your clients to have an orgasmic experience?

You know actually it was a play on the G-spot and my last name is J. I just wanted to make sure that when you come here it’s just like that … an orgasmic experience, and you feel sexually liberated when you leave here. We really focus on making a woman feel like a woman. So when the J Spot came around I knew that was the perfect name for it.

What services do you specialize in at the salon?

We’re a weaving salon so we do a lot of weaves here. But we do a little bit of everything … we press, we do hair cuts, we’re not big on coloring here but we can do color.

I see you kept the design of the salon simple and and fun, what inspired you?

This is a bit different for me. I had another salon that was really dark and had muted colors but here I wanted to brighten it up, make it a little more fresh and a little more funky. In the shampoo area we did all black with just a pop of color in there. We wanted to keep the styling area a little more light, airy, fun and free.

Are you going to require all of your stylists to wear heels to work?

You know I actually do! The girls don’t have a problem with it, I have a really diverse staff from men to women. We have the sex kittens, we have the voluptuous woman, we have every type that works here and I wanted to be able to show the array of beauty there is in the salon.

When clients leave here looking fabulous and feeling good, what do you want them to say once they leave your salon?

I want them to say this is the best experience they’ve ever had in a hair salon.

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