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Celebrity Trend Spot: Little Shorts and High Boots (Plus 5 Great Tips for Wearing Boots)

Celebrity Trend Spot: Little Shorts and High Boots (Plus 5 Great Tips for Wearing Boots)

Short shorts and high boots are the craze right now. Celebrities are being spotted everywhere with this trend. Rihanna and Ciara rock this look very well.  From over-the-knee boots to cowboy boots, celebs love to wear these closet staples. And although this might not be a new style to most of you, pairing boots with shorts can be both fun and unexpected. It’s a good way to get some use out of your favorite boots in the summer months, and is an easy way to make a plain outfit look super stylish.

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Boots with Shorts:

1. Consider boot height. I love the look of over-the-knee boots and knee-high boots with a pair of shorts.

When deciding what shorts to pair with your boots, think about how dressy your shorts are and where the hem hits your thigh.

2. Think about your boot’s heel height. A sky-high pair of over-the-knee boots with a pair of ‘teeny weeny’ shorts might look reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Think about it this way, the shorter the shorts are, the lower your heels should be.

3. Worn leather boots look amazing with denim shorts! That combo will give any outfit a bohemian flair.

4. Try pairing shorts with combat boots. Below in our gallery is a photo of Rihanna rocking this look very well.  Your outfit will look sexy and grunge-inspired.

5. We don’t usually talk “fashion don’ts” here, but this is one big except: DO NOT WEAR UGGS OR SNOW BOOTS WITH SHORTS. My Cali readers might not feel this tip, but article wouldn’t be complete without this fashion fail. This look is extremely hard to pull off. (even though I have slipped and did it a few times running to the gas station… but we’ll keep that between us lol).

Take a look at celebs that rock this look the best below …



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