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Crazy Confessions of 5 Black Friday Shoppers

Crazy Confessions of 5 Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday … the first words that come to mind are long lines, chaos, and stampedes of anxious and sometimes desperate shoppers.

Every year there are crazy stories of  what really went down during one of the most anticipated holiday shopping weekends of the year.

Talking Pretty got the scoop from a few Black Friday shoppers on their personal experiences while purchasing gifts for themselves, family, and friends.

“I personally love the rush of Black Friday. The energy and anticipation of whether or not you’ll get the items you want at the deals you hoped for, excites me. I could care less if I get trampled over in the process.” —Morgan Foster

“Personally Black Friday was pretty easy going for me. Me and my mother were out at the San Marcos outlet malls at 12pm Thanksgiving night and crossed off everything on our shopping lists. We went for the clothes and the Coach store was packed. My only crazy experience was a lady who blatantly went out of her way to cut us off in the parking lot to steal our spot then shot the bird at us as she waltzed inside the store.” –Jasmine Cooper

“This weekend was pretty insane! I was at Walmart at 4 am in line to get a TV and once I got inside, this man was face down on the floor in hand cuffs with the end of a taser still attached to his leg. He was trying to steal one of the promotional waffle makers. I guess he really needed it.”Bryan Sanders

“I will never shop during Black Friday weekend again! Everyone was too concerned about people cutting in line, mother’s lost their mind outside with their kids, and people were just rude and stank. Next year, I’m waiting until the crowd dies down after 10am to get any of my shopping done.”Alex Parker

“Black Friday almost got me arrested. I was at Best Buy and got one of the promotional $200 TV’s and put it in my cart. I turned around for two seconds and this man came out of no where and picked up my TV out of the cart and tried to run away with it. I chased him down so fast and called for the police to stop him. I don’t know where he thought he was going with my TV because he sure wasn’t about to make it past the check out line. I nearly lost my mind when he did that!”Samone Johnson

What was your Black Friday experience like this year? Tell us about your crazy stories below.

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