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5 Signs You Hate Your Job

5 Signs You Hate Your Job


Work sucks when you’re not doing something you love to do and unfortunately for us college students we’re forced to take on the jobs that nobody else wants to do.  Most often when you’re doing a job that could lead to a career, such as interning(which can still suck) at least you can grin and bear it.

As for those other jobs, those mentally and physically draining jobs, those make-you-want-to-slap-somebody jobs and all of those stare contests with the clock jobs, it is not so easy to grin and bear it. As broke college students we’re forced to make the most of it and grasp at the slightest good in each day. However, there are some enjoyable summer jobs and everyone doesn’t absolutely hate their jobs. It’s one thing to dislike the job and some of it’s aspects, but do you hate your job?

1. Constant Complaining

A very obvious sign you hate your job is if you constantly complain about working in that hell-hole. Every conversation you have, somehow your crappy job or the horrible day you had at work comes up. If you’re friends begin to hate your job and they don’t even work there that’s a serious problem. At my last job, I did this so much all my friends knew all of my co-workers names, my managers names and even a few customers! It was definitely time to GO!

2. Can’t Wake Up

Basically you dread going and your body knows it. Although you’ve had a full nights rest you still feel drained and groggy. As soon as you arrive and walk into the job a feeling of sleepiness and depression washes over you(this happened to me everyday). The job has taken a physical/mental toll on your body and you just can’t bring yourself to go through another strenuous day. No job is worth losing your happiness!

3. Fire Me! 

If you don’t care if you get fired or not, you definitely HATE your job. Being fired is a serious thing that could potentially ruin other job opportunities, especially if you need recommendations. Willingly throwing away a clean work record is a sure sign that you are tired of working at this place.

4. Not Too Friendly

You’re normally a friendly, open person, but this place has turned you into a crab. You speak to hardly anyone and don’t have a positive attitude. Everyday is just a day to get through. Not that work should be social hour, but it’s healthy to have conversations with the people around you and not totally disassociate yourself.

5. Same ‘Ol, Same ‘Ol

You never try new tasks, you stick to the same routine everyday. If this were a job you were interested you would be happy to learn more about the company and take on new tasks to further your experience, buuut…you don’t. You do your work mindlessly and get the heck out of there; that’s a huge sign that it’s time to retire that job and look for a new one.

If these 5 signs describe your work attitude, start looking for a new job that may better suit you! That’s what I did :D


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