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Drake Continues His Heartbroken Rants; Are Emotional Men a Turnoff?

Drake Continues His Heartbroken Rants; Are Emotional Men a Turnoff?

Drake is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve and dishing them out in a majority of his songs. His heartbroken rants are more evident on his new album Take Care. He’s such a convincing storyteller that it makes you wonder which parts of content in his songs are fact or fiction.

Music and lyrics are forms of individual expression. Music has the ability of taking you back to specific moments in time, reminding you of someone, or evoking an inner emotion… whether mad, sad, happy, or ready to party.

In an interview with MTV, Drizzy sat down and talked about his brief romantic history with Bajan rockstar Rihanna, and how he got his feelings caught up only to be played to the left. Naturally, Drake became a bit of the laughing stock, but explained to MTV that he doesn’t mind the jokes.

“If I worried about how I’m gonna look saying this, then I wouldn’t make half the music I make. People nitpick at me for being emotional or tapping into my emotions, but like, man, we all die one day; that’s just how I want to be remembered.

The running commentary or the jokes don’t really affect me, cause that’s what I’m going for. I don’t want to be a guy that blends in with all the other generic rap music. I want to be the guy that stood out and pinpointed life emotions for women, men, young people, old people or whatever it is. So I don’t trip, that’s what I want. I welcome it.”

Obviously, Drake doesn’t seem to care too much what others think about him and his music because despite of his known preference for sappy love songs involving his past and present relationships, the women keep on coming.

But does all of this come across as too emotional or is it kind of a turn on to see his vulnerable side?

Women typically want a balance of the “manly man” who is in touch with his emotional side without seeming too feminine. The question remains … when do men cross the line with being too emotional? Is it when he cries? When he begs? When he thinks too much with his heart and not his head?

Spill it ladies … are emotional men just a turn off period?



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