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Gossip Trend: Blue Ivy Carter

Gossip Trend: Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter was a household name before she had a name. Now Blue Ivy Carter has everything she could ask for and a little more. What’s the little more? The gossip. Already tasting the fame, Blue Ivy Carter has made the media, and the public stop everything else and focus on her. Whether the stories are true or not, Blue Ivy is still the talk of the town. Here are some facts and fiction about Blue Ivy Carter:

What is Juice:

I was born before I was born multiple times – For years, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been plagued with pregnancy rumors, and have been on ‘Baby Watch’ more than a few times. This time we have proof.

Dad won’t say the “B” word anymore – After our very own Renee Gardner posted a wonderful poem on which caught the attention of media outlets all over the world, Jay-Z had a lot of explaining to do. Not soon after, the almighty Twitter itself revealed the truth.

Oprah is my Godmother- There aren’t too many people we would even consider to be on the carter family priority list so when Oprah was named as Godmother, no one questioned it, they just reported it.

My mother and father have been interviewed numerous times since my birth- In the middle of the rumors, a rep for Beyonce came forward and confirmed that no interviews had been done at the time. We have yet to hear a full statement about Blue Ivy’s birth from the couple yet.


What is True:

Marijuana plants were named in my honor– Less than a week after her birth, she’s already a brand, however, I doubt this one is endorsed by her parents.

I am the youngest person to top Billboard Charts

All of my toys are being donated to families who need them more than I.

My Aunts Kelly and Solange are in love with me.

The public has created computer-generated disillusions of what I look like.

I was a trending topic on Twitter at the time of my birth.




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