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Hey Vogue, Where Are The Brown Girls?

Hey Vogue, Where Are The Brown Girls?

Dear ELLE, Marie Claire, InStyle, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar,

You are some of my favorite magazines. I look forward to reading about runway looks for the upcoming seasons, perusing various style trends, getting the 411 on salons and spas I should visit, and even reading the inspiring and educational stories.

… but something is missing.

When it comes to what I wake up and do daily … my hair, makeup, and skin care routine … my eyes seem to take a pause on your pages. I can no longer relate.

Where are the girls who look like me? Where are the girls with my skin color? (And I’m not talking about Jennifer Lopez representing us brown girls with her “olive complexion.”

Reading about makeup that flatters blonde hair, blue eyes, or brunette hair with hazel eyes doesn’t help me with my beauty questions. I can twist some things around and piece together what I think would flatter my complexion and my hair texture, but I would love to read about it and know that I was being thought about before the issue went to print.

This is what “you” (my favorite magazines) are missing … the perspective I can relate to. And I’m sure many of my peers feel the same way.

ELLE, even though I’m not exactly your target audience, I still purchase your publication. Don’t get it twisted, Essence and Ebony I love you, too. I am just a well-rounded individual who would like to be able to relate to more than just fashion when browsing through your pages.


The girl who still loves to buy your magazines, but would very much like to see herself reflected on its pages sometime soon. Unrequited love is no fun.

What is your take on it? Do you feel the same way?

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