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Inside Kim Kardashian’s Massive Closet + her Favorite Designers

Inside Kim Kardashian’s Massive Closet + her Favorite Designers


Kim Kardashian has the life that any fashionista would dream about!  Aside from being plastered on every commercial, billboard, and magazine across the world, Kim Kardashian has an amazing, ginormous closet filled with designer labels that most of us have never seen in real life.

We’ve been peaking into Kim’s closet for a while!  Just recently, Kim Kardashian jumped on her “suit and tie ish” and switched up her style game by a thousand points (Yeezy taught her), and since then, everyone’s been watching what Kim is wearing.  Orpah even stepped into the Kardashian clan’s closets, but we needed a fellow designer head.

“Eye On Glam” host Brittny Gastineau (who also lives the priviledged life), steps inside the closet with her friend Kim Kardashian, for an exclusive look at some Kim’s favorite shoes, handbags, and more.  Keep in mind, Kim Kardashian has been in the luxury game for a minute, so brace yourselves when you see her stock.

Kim also sheds light on her style choices.  While Kim has stepped up her game lately, she still rocks some of her favorite tight and bright fashion pieces, which aren’t always on the best dressed list. Even after 30, she admits that she doesn’t have the style game all figured out yet.


 “I’m still finding my style… it’s all about having fun but dressing your age.”

So after peaking into Kim’s envious wardrobe, here are a few favorites we noticed of the current “it” girl.
Kim Kardashian Fashion Favorites
Favorite Designer – Lanvin
Favorite Shoe – Louboutin
Favorite Handbag – TIE – Louis Vuitton and Hermes
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