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iPhone Releases ‘I Just Made Love’ Sex App: Are They Taking It Too Far?

iPhone Releases ‘I Just Made Love’ Sex App: Are They Taking It Too Far?

This is a screen shot from the "I Just Made Love" App

It’s one thing to make your friends jealous by privately bragging about your greatest sexual encounters, it’s another thing to announce it to the world.

According to The Huffington Post, The “I Just Made Love” app wants you to follow their tagline and “Tell the world! … make everybody jealous!” The app, available for Android and iPhone users, allows you to announce your latest sexual encounter to the world, and also log in and put a GPS marker on the location of your latest session.

Here are the rest of the features:

-Users can select location tags such as outdoor, indoor, in a car or on a boat.
-Users can select “love positions,” depicted using stick figures in these various positions.
-Select your gender and sexual orientation.
-Indicate whether you used protection.
-Users can leave general comments.

The “I Just Made Love” website also features a Love Counter which tracks total trysts logged. Visitors can also view a world map which tracks where users are logging from the sex they just had.

I smell lawsuits and scandals with this application. As if our lives were not being invaded enough, in a world of inappropriate sexting, and internet sex tapes.

I would trust no person who would use this app. If they are tracking where they have sex, they will track and let the world know who it was with as well.

Check out some more screen shots of what the app looks like below.

Do you think technology has taken it too far with the “I Just Made Love” app? Will you be hitting the download button and telling the world to make everybody jealous?


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