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Is Your Favorite Celebrity Slacking? Call ’em Out!

Is Your Favorite Celebrity Slacking? Call ’em Out!



Harry Belefonte called out Beyonce for her lack of community involvement. Unsurprisingly, Beyonce starts her charity campaigning.  A few years back, Trey Songz called out R. Kelly about his artistic decline, and R. Kelly releases a Grammy Award winning album, ‘Love Letter’. Ne-Yo recently called out Trey Songz, and though Trey responded by calling him a ‘hater’, we hope he really fires back with his new album.

At this point, it is evident that our super stars do hear and care about our gripes.  The opinion of the masses has inspired some of our favorites to make new music, to pursue another dream, and sadly, to delete their Twitter.  We complain about the problems with today’s society, the people we glorify, and the people that go unnoticed, but change starts at home.

We, as readers and community leaders, have to bring our opinions from out of the closet and put our people on blast.  We don’t hold our role models accountable enough.  We let our rappers slide by with their annual Thanksgiving turkey, and a couple school computers, but never speak up about their message.  We let our beautiful strong women get nude for magazines, and in the same article, talk about how they want to help young women.

Our priorities are messed up.  Money has taken precedence in most, if not all the people we see on television. Our community activists are now growing old, and only take a stance when the cameras are rolling.

Who’s going to make the change for the generation here, and those to come?


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