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Jason Ray Puts The EdgeStick Styling Hot Comb on the Map

Jason Ray Puts The EdgeStick Styling Hot Comb on the Map

Innovator, entrepreneur, and behind the scenes businessman, Jason Ray of Suntek Global has changed the way women look at every day beauty products. Ray’s company Suntek Global specializes in the design and production of contemporary beauty and lifestyle products.

His newest creation, the EdgeStick, has potentially sealed the deal on putting the traditional hot comb to bed. Rolling out caught up with Ray to chat further on his Essence magazine beauty award for the ceramic hot comb that has captured the beauty industry’s attention. Here’s what he had to tell us. –mckenzie harris

What made you decide create beauty equipment for women?
Part of the allure in creating beauty equipment for women is offering products that appeal to their sense of femininity and elegance, while functioning safely.   I was also alarmed by the growing number of manufacturers who are flooding the market with questionable quality beauty equipment without regard for whether their equipment will ultimately damage hair.


How did you come up with the concept for the EdgeStick?
In 2007, I had a conversation with a number of key beauty industry professionals about the need to design and develop a modern, safer version of the traditional hot comb.  Over the next year, my design team and I consulted top hair stylists around the world to get input on the functionality of the tool, and [we] enlisted the help of a leading hand surgeon to provide advice on its ergonomics to create what is now the EdgeStick.


When did you realize there was a demand for this tool?
I think the demand for the EdgeStick — a safer alternative to the hot comb — has existed all along.  Most of us have memories of the young girl sitting at the stove, periodically cringing and anticipating an imminent, yet unintentional burn from the hot comb at the mother or grandmother’s wielding.  In addition, every woman who has burned the skin around the hair line or the edge of the ear instantly understands and can appreciate the safety of the EdgeStick’s comb design which prevents burns.


Compare the traditional hot comb to the EdgeStick. What makes it better?

The EdgeStick is the no burn styling tool. It works on the basic concept of a straightening comb in that the user may use it to straighten or smooth the hair. However, it is completely revolutionized and surpasses the hot comb. Unlike a hot/pressing comb, the Edgestick does not expel heat from the comb to straighten the hair. The heat comes from the center core rod, which is ceramic/tourmaline. The combs act as a guard, protecting the skin from being seared by the heat.


What would you consider your biggest achievement?
More than any award that either Suntek Global or any of our products have received, the biggest achievement was to overhear two women in LAX airport discuss how they loved the EdgeStick.  Neither of these women noticed me listening, nor knew I was the manufacturer.  So, I can safely say the biggest achievement and greatest satisfaction is knowing that I have developed a product that is embraced, and found to be very useful by my consumer base.


Where can readers purchase the EdgeStick?

Readers can purchase the EdgeStick on It comes with a one year limited warranty, and we have excellent customer service that extends to making appointments to reach out to a representative on Skype, ensuring that the various styling techniques are being used correctly.

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