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Jay-Z Drops Personal Tribute Song, ‘Glory,’ to Daughter, Blue Ivy Carter

Jay-Z Drops Personal Tribute Song, ‘Glory,’ to Daughter, Blue Ivy Carter

Jay-Z just released a very personal tribute to his daughter Blue Ivy Carter titled “Glory,” where he talks about the love he has for his baby girl, a previous miscarriage that had him thinking his chance to have a child was gone forever, and even a feature of little newborn cries in the background from Blue Ivy herself.

Check out the song and lyrics below.

“The most amazing feeling I feel / Words can’t describe the feeling for real / Baby I’ll paint the sky Blue / My greatest creation was you….” Jigga raps over the mellow, celebratory cut, continuing to reflect:

“False alarms and false starts / All made better by the sound of your heart / All the pain of the last time / Prayed so hard it was the last time. / Your mama said you danced for her. / Did you wiggle your hands for her? / Glory.. Glory… Glory.. /

“Sorry / Everything that I prayed for / God’s gift I wish I woulda prayed more / God makes no mistakes, I made a few / Rough sled in here and there but I made it through / I wreak havoc on the world… / Get ready for part two / A younger, smarter, faster me / So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B.”

The break down of the meaning behind the name “Blue Ivy Carter”:


– The obvious, Jay-Z’s franchise albums have been called the Blueprint.
– Consists of four letters linked to Beyonce’s love for the number four, and a tribute to her husband.
– Ancient Egyptians used blue to represent the heavens.
– The color blue is considered the coolest color of the spectrum. It symbolizes the Virgin Mary and also represents inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.


– Beyonce has mentioned numerous times how important the number “4” is to her (her birthday, her mother’s birthday, and wedding date.)
– Ivy contains the roman numeral IV (4) as it’s first two letters.
– The name Ivy itself comes from the plant which symbolizes eternity.
– Greek and Roman societies admired the Ivy plant for its hardiness and longevity.

We are so happy for The Carters. What do think about the song?

-mckenzie harris

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