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Kardashian Kristmas photos released

Kardashian Kristmas photos released

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It wouldn’t be a day of the week if the Kardashian name wasn’t causing some sort of controversy. The Kardashian clan has released photos from their holiday card shoot with photographer David LaChapelle. The photos don’t exactly ring of holiday cheer with broken mannequins, old tabloid magazines and Kris Jenner caught in some glass case. There are no spouses/ baby daddies and where is brother Rob?

Kim Kardashian On Christmas card

The theme was supposed to be some sort of futuristic setting which is odd because the words “the end” hang over Kim’s head

Weird Kardashian Christmas Card

Kourtney’s children are included but the poor boy seems exhausted by the whole situation, while Mr. Jenner seems to be trapped while Kris smiles gleefully. If you look closely the words “money” and “fame”are etched above her head.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner

The conspiracy theorist are going to have a ball with the fact that the eye of the illuminati is placed behind the two Jenner sisters.


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