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Karrueche Tran joins the fight against booty shaming

Karrueche Tran joins the fight against booty shaming


Last week, Chris Brown’s model girlfriend Karrueche Tran joined the fight against booty shaming, by re-posting an image of a young woman, pleading with young girls around the world to embrace their bodies just the way God created them via Instagram.


“Reality is girls have stretch marks, and, instead of shaming and Photoshopping, people should accept and embrace it.” Read the original caption.


Although Tran seemed to have the woman’s best interest at heart, the pic was later removed due to several complaints. In a effort to resolve the issue, Karrueche then shared a photo of her own booty.

“About a week ago I posted a pic of a butt with stretch marks on it … The butt wasn’t mine … I was agreeing with the pic in reference to the stretch marks. The owner seemed to be upset that I posted the pic so I’ve decided to go ahead and post mine.. These are my tiger marks” read Tran’s caption.

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