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Kelly Rowland’s Glamour Shoot for ‘Evening Standard’ Magazine

Kelly Rowland’s Glamour Shoot for ‘Evening Standard’ Magazine

Kelly recently did a fashion shoot with a London based magazine called, Evening Standard. In her interview she talked about growing up in Atlanta, her style and being in a girl group. The shoot was lensed by Jason Hetherington and styled by Orsolya Szabo. The feathery pink top was by designer Antonio Beradi.

“I do love being over here, the people, the humour,’ she says. ‘But sometimes I get a bit homesick.’ The other night, Kelly found herself missing America more than ever and, needing to get a fix of something that reminded her of the huge retail spaces of home, she put on some big sunglasses and an oversized hoodie and had her driver take her to the 24-hour Tesco on Cromwell Road. ‘A big grocery store always reminds me of home and it felt good to walk along the aisles and buy my own stuff and take it back to my kitchen,’ she says. Did she get spotted as she perused the BOGOFs and meal deals? ‘Honey, I looked like a crazy person… no one recognized me.”

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