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Kim Kardashian’s Best Pregnancy Fashion

Kim Kardashian’s Best Pregnancy Fashion



Kim Kardashian has been watched like a hawk even before there was a baby to discuss, but recently, there isn’t a moment that goes by that the paps aren’t wondering what Kim is doing.  After Kanye and Kim’s pregnancy announcement, it seemed as if Kim was trying to get used to her new body, as she stuck to all black leggings, tops, and athletic shoes. While the mother-to-be decided to branch back into her fashionable closet, Kim made a few mistakes early on with fits, but it looks as if she’s starting to learn what works for her growing belly.

While her baby bump was still small, Kim Kardashian strutted around in one of our favorite trends, the tube skirt; but as she grows we’ve seen the dynamic of the skirt change.  Kim is back to letting a little more leg show, as her skirts have more volume than length.  When Kim’s not rocking skirts, she’s going for a more suited look with tailored trousers and what we can assume are reconstructed leather pants.

While we’re not all the way through the season or Kim’s pregnancy, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite Kim Kardashian pregnancy looks thus far!  With a big season of celebrity pregnancies, do you think Kim will still be able to hold onto her ‘most fashionable’ title?

The Pretty Opinion: We love Kim’s daring fashion choices! She’s proving to fashionistas all over that many of our favorite looks can work in maternity wear! We smell a line coming soon!






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