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Kim Kardashians’ closet is out of control!

Kim Kardashians’ closet is out of control!


Kim Kardashian’s closet is way messier than we ever imagined!

With North West by her side the reality star showed off a not-so-perfect wardrobe, full of loose hangers, piles of disheveled blouses and a sofa covered in designer garments.

“Yesterday….trying to pick out an outfit struggle,” she captioned on Instagram.

Little Nori even got in on the fun, running through the chaos in what appears to be luxurious silk scarf.

But why the mess? According to Kardashian-West, it’s been quite some time since she’s worked with a stylist or closet organizer…

“I haven’t worked with a stylist in the past two years!” Kim proclaimed on Australia’s Today show. “[Kanye] is a great designer and he gives me amazing style tips.”

Turns out the reality star may be more like ours than we thought…

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