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Kimberly R. Moore, RS Founder and CEO Soul Revision Consulting

Kimberly R. Moore, RS Founder and CEO Soul Revision Consulting

Kimberly Moore doesn’t mince words. When queried about what she would wish for if she could have anything she wanted, Moore quickly ticks off her list: “A cure for HIV/AIDS, less reality TV shows and real education reform that seeks input from actual educators and students.” With that said, it s her authenticity coupled with her compassion for people that makes her such a powerful force.

Moore, a public speaker, advocate, mentor, social entrepreneur, activist and change agent, is the founder of Soul Revision Consulting. A seasoned veteran in the field of public health, she uses her knowledge to help educate, reduce and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in her San Diego, Calif., community by coordinating HIV awareness events and encouraging faith-based institutions and clergy to speak openly about HIV from the pulpit.

“Every time I see another woman, that looks like me, [who is] HIV positive, I’m motivated to continue doing this work,” shares Moore, who uses various platforms to engage men and women in conscious dialogue. “I become more motivated to think of innovative ways to reach out to the black community so we can change the statistics and stigma around HIV. I m also motivated by my peers who have chosen to live a life of service to others. There are many young social entrepreneurs that have created businesses designed to help others and every time I see one, I’m inspired and encouraged because I know that I’m not alone.”

There is so much more to be done and Moore’s call to action is for her peers to get involved in their respective communities and help make a difference. “Many of us have become far too complacent and content with tweeting and facebooking about the issues we face as opposed to stepping out from behind our computers and phones and actively working to change our situations. Put [your] words to work; let’s spend less time talking and more time doing,” she says.

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