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Kreayshawn vs. Iggy Azalea : Who’s Got More Swag?

Kreayshawn vs. Iggy Azalea : Who’s Got More Swag?

“One big room full of bad bishes.” White Girl Mob member Kreayshawn thought she had the rap game on lock representing for the white girls. With her catchy hit “Gucci Gucci,” you can’t help but jump on the bandwagon and rap along.

Ponytail swinging, Internet famous, Madonna-esque, Australia-bred rapper, Iggy Azalea, is creeping up on Kreayshawn as her only white girl competition. She gained respect in the U.S. with her provocative video for her song “Pu$$y“.

As far as appearances go, Kreayshawn rocks a version of the Amy Winehouse signature cat eye, with a brown and blonde shaggy cut, thick frame glasses, a nose ring, and door knocker earrings. Iggy Azalea on the other hand takes a more feminine approach and ups the ante with her sex appeal, fair skin, attractive features, and serious confidence. She’s got a retro style with a rockstar edge and it definitely works for her.

The question is, who’s got more swag? We posted their two hit videos below for you to make your decision. Let’s talk about it … which white girl is dominating the game?

Kreayshawn- “Gucci Gucci

Iggy Azalea: “My World”

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