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Lindsay Lohan’s hottest photos ever!

Lindsay Lohan’s hottest photos ever!



Everyone’s talking about Lindsey Lohan, and it has everything to do with court- again.

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t always a troubled kid.  From the time most of us met her during our “Parent Trap” days, and when the rest caught on during the “Mean Girls” era, Lindsay Lohan was a super “it” girl, and coming from Disney, she had an air of innocence. As she got older, she was at the hottest parties, rocking the latest fashions, and living the life that everyone wanted to live and watch.

Hollywood did it’s best (or worst) on one of their young, bright stars, and now her biggest appearances always seem to be in the Los Angeles Courts, where there is very little tolerance for lateness – even from Lohan herself.

Needless to say, while the rest will continue to focus on Lindsay’s dowhill, we wanted to remind you of the times where Lindsay was the hottest thing in the streets, and when it was safe to say you loved her.  Remember when Lindsay Lohan was trying to sing?  Or when everyone freaked out over her dying her hair from red to blonde?  Regardless of what color it was, it always had a loose long curl to it that we absolutely loved!

Well, as Lindsay get glitter-bombed, and  the public silently hopes she gets out of another misdemeanor (don’t hate! LOL), take a look at some our favorite photo moments of Lindsay Lohan.


P.S. We’re so glad she never hooked up with Charlie Sheen!




Also, Do you remember Lindsay Lohan’s “Rumors?”

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