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Love & Hip Hop : 6 Women Who Have Loved Stevie J.

Love & Hip Hop : 6 Women Who Have Loved Stevie J.


Steven Jordan, Stevie J or “Steebie”, however you decide to flip it, is undeniably a womanizer. It’s hard to say what women see in the the face changing Stevie J, but evidently something keeps the ladies coming. As Mimi Faust mentioned on the first episode of “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Stevie J is a smooth talker, so obviously his “pillow talk” has these women going wild. Check out the 6 ladies that love Stevie J.


Tammie Grant

Another baby for the “hitman”? Former wife of NBA player Gary Grant and the mother to Stevie’s artist Taryn Grant, Tammie Grant has been hugged up with Stevie J recently and earlier this week reports broke about the woman expecting a child. “Me and Stevie kickin it! #dinner #date #music #fun #out,” Grant captioned a recent photo with J. “#Kiss, #couple, #instahub,” she captioned another. However, she later released a statement denying reports about being pregnant and distancing herself from Stevie.

Alex Martin

In 2011 it was rumored that Stevie J tied the knot with Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Alex Martin. The wedding was reportedly a lavish Las Vegas ceremony but those reports were denied by J himself who released a statement saying; “Stevie J and Alex Martin broke up 3 years ago in 2007 and the couple has not seen each other since. Stevie J has never been married and is currently in a relationship and very happy.”

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust, a successful owner of an Atlanta cleaning company, has a 2-year-old daughter with J and has been seeing the producer on-and-off for over 15 years. Since their love life was played out on VH1′s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Faust has received tons of criticism for her relationship with Stevie J, however it has been said since the airing of the show the two have split.


Joseline Hernandez 

Stevie J’s latest lady is Joseline Hernandez, an ex King Of Diamonds/Onyx Atlanta stripper. This season has been full of baby mama drama centered around the 3-way love affair between her, “Steebie” and Mimi Faust. From pregnancy to abortion, and now engagement, Stevie J and Joseline’s relationship is anything but boring.



Ruff Ryder rapper Eve and Stevie J were the pair of the millennium until Stevie J was  accused of leaking an intimate tape between them.  Eve has since then spoken out on her past relationship with the former Bad Boy producer. “You know what, that was a learning experience,”said Eve on J.  ”You meet people all the time. We just happen to fall in love. Umm, but thankfully I knew better. I know better. I am happily in love now.”



Stormey is said to be the very first woman in the Stevie J lovers circle. According to reports, Stormey has two children with Mr. J and recently got a shout out from him on Twitter. 



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