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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Season Finale Recap

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Season Finale Recap

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” episode 10 returns with the ridiculous counseling session with Mimi, Stevie J, and Joseline. The repugnant, Stevie J, still wants both Mimi and Joseline in his life and if that’s not vile enough he walks in with an “I Am God” T-shirt on that does not settle well with the therapist.

Joseline reveals to Mimi that Stevie J had sex with her best friend while she watched and that she likes girls as well in the therapy session, talk about drama.

Mimi later joins up with her friend Ariane to discuss, none other than, Stevie J. Finally after 9 episodes, Mimi is finally seeing what we’ve been seeing the entire season. “What’s wrong with me, that I’m allowing this man to do this to me? A real man who loved his woman would never do that,” Mimi tells Ariane. She later relays her feelings to Stevie J, who visits her on the job. Shutting down his smooth talk and apologies, Mimi let’s him know he will not be getting her back this time. A pissed off Stevie J, spews rude comments left and right while leaving after Mimi’s orders.

On the other end of more twisted and dysfunctional relationships Erica gets her own place, moving on from Scrappy and Benzino and Karlie Redd call it quits as well.

Erica clears the air when she tells Scrappy that she is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with him. He doesn’t take it so well, and realizes that he hasn’t been the best boyfriend to Erica. “I loved you as a person, I just wasn’t in love with you,” Erica tells Scrappy.

Benzino takes Karlie Redd out and proceeds to pop out a ring to eliminate all doubts, however it doesn’t go as expected. Everything goes up in flames when Karlie Redd questions whether Benzino is ready and he immediately retracts his ring. Daaaayyyuummm. Karlie, all about her business, moves on quick and is flirting with Roscoe Dash in the studio in the very next scene.

K. Michelle continues to promote her domestic abuse dispute with MempHitz, while the rest of her cast members are still on the fence about the situation. Meanwhile, Joseline is over Stevie J’s antics and decides she can make a way on her own. Stevie J laughs her off and flirts with his new artist, who seems just as naive as the early Joseline.

The least complicated couple on the show ends the season finale with a bang as Kirk and Rasheeda renew their vows in front of friends and family.  “To 12 more years. And 12 more. And 12 more,” Rasheeda says with a smile and toasting Kirk.

Check out this clip of Joseline snapping on Stevie J from the Season Finale:

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