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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Shows Us 4 Reasons on Why He Keeps Doing You Wrong

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Shows Us 4 Reasons on Why He Keeps Doing You Wrong


Who knew love and hip hop equaled drama?

It seems as if everyday we have another celebrity crying about the problems in her relationship.  As if our friends and co-workers weren’t enough, it’s sad to think that even beautiful women of affluence, money, and fame could be dealing with the same man problems as the part-time retail associate, and full-time student.

Clearly, keeping a man in check has nothing to do with any of those superficial things that many of us strive for on the daily.  Take a look at 4 simple reasons on why you’re man keeps doing you dirty.


1. You let him.

Yes ladies, you let him get away with it.  Take a look at Mimi Faust and Joseline.  Fighting over this man, and then as much as they say their done, they let people like Benzino convince them that they aren’t going anywhere.  You have a choice ladies.

2. You’re repeating history.

You’re following your same dating rules (or lack thereof), holding a grudge from a past relationship, too quick to commit, and you’re just like your parents.  Many people don’t realize that a lot of their current problems stem from their own problems they have had with their parents, and problems that your parents dealt within their own relationship.  We have to understand ourselves and the way we work before we can invest in another person.

3. You have low expectations.

We know editing allows room for a lot of interpretation, but we have heard K. Michelle say over and over that she can’t keep a man.  However, within minutes of her on-screen date, she jumped this guys bones.  What do you think he thought of her?  Clearly, we don’t see him around anymore for a reason.

Mimi Faust in the perfect example of this one as well.  Yes Mimi, we know that’s your baby daddy, but does that really mean you have to let him go do his dirt and then come back to you? I guess as long as you get your 20% of 0, huh?

4. You’re worried about the wrong things.

You’re too busy worried about his status, his money, and what he looks like.  You totally forgot about his family background (does he take care of his children), how he react when he’s angry,  his relationship with his mother , or his long-term goals.  Did you stop to think about your connection after the sex gets old?  Do you even know his real name?

You need a strategy.  You need to know what you want out of this relationship, if it’s what you need in the long run, and if you’re just a flavor of the week.  We are so quick to dismiss the obvious negatives for a couple months of fun.

Look at Karlie Redd.  Is she really in love with Benzino?  If she’s all about her career and he wants to settle down, this doesn’t look too promising.

K. Michelle got caught up in a hood fairy tale because Memphitz was the perfect guy on his Facebook page (nice picture, good bio, says all the things you like).  She will now spend more time trying to undo the pain than it took to cause it.

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