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Man of the Week: Tristan Wilds

Man of the Week: Tristan Wilds

Tristan Wilds has been on the scene for quite sometime. Starting his acting career in his early teens, Tristan has played a major role in movies and shows such as The Wire, 90210, and most recently Red Tails.   Just recently he released this very thought-provoking music video and showed off his singing skills.  This shouldn’t have been a suprise seeing that he’s been featured in a number of music videos for some of the biggest stars in the music industry.  He can be seen in Jay-Z‘s video “Roc Boys” from the American Gangster album, Wale‘s video “Pretty Girls“, and the video for Alicia Keys’ “Teenage Love Affair”.

Whether he’s singing, acting, or just standing there, he makes out list!  Check out our gallery and his short video below!

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