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Meagan Good for ‘Vibe Vixen’

Meagan Good for ‘Vibe Vixen’

Meagan Good daring in red, covers Vibe Vixen February/March issue. In her in depth interview she talks about her relationship, movie roles, and other actors in the game. Check out some of the excerpts from the interview below.

Have you been in a relationship that made you crazy, similar to your character as Parker on The Game?
Yes. Yes I have. [Laughs]

[Laughs] Okay, how was that?
I mean, when you find yourself walking out on the side of freeway in a different state at three o’clock in the morning because someone has pissed you off, and you are completely convinced that you’re walking to the airport that is ove an hour away, you’ve pretty much lost your marbles there. [Laughs]

Yeah, that’s way out there, but you don’t seem like you have the Jazmine Sullivan in you.
Yeah, I’m not crazy like I’ll bust the windows out your car. I don’t like to be vindictive, but I am the type of person that’ll be like, ‘You know what? Nigga forget you, and I’ll be on my own!’ [Laughs] I’m one of those people who will mentally check out when I get so mad.

Okay, Miss! Now, you just turned 30, but you look like you’re pushing a cool 25. What’s the secret?
You know, my mom and my dad look fairly young now too. My mom always taught me as a young girl to stay with over-the-counter products, so I’ve been using Clearasil since I was a teenager. The only thing I use that’s not over-the-counter is eye creams. There’s this one, Peter Thomas Roth, and it is incredible. It takes the bags away, it takes dark circles away, it makes it so smooth under my eyes. It trips me out how good this eye cream is. Then, I’m trying to make healthier choices when I eat, I’m trying to work out a little bit and I’m trying to drink more water. You know, the usual things. Mainly, I try to stick to a facial regimen that I do morning and night. At this point, it’s about being preventive. Everything I do from here on out is about keeping it the way that it is.

Do you find yourself taking the natural route often, or do you enjoy getting glam and putting on makeup?
You know what, it’s weird. When I turned 30, it was like this light clicked on in my head and I was like, I feel more attractive without makeup. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a teenager because I was in the industry and obviously they do makeup on you day in and day out. You learn all these tricks, and you become addicted to doing all these different things. But I don’t know what it is. Basically, [at 30] was the first time that I really looked at myself and said, I’m really happy with all of me. I feel good about every part of me. I stopped wearing makeup altogether for a couple months, then more recently I started putting on a little but of eyeliner and concealer here and there for meetings.

I’m glad you that you talk about natural beauty because there’s a definite change to women embracing their natural states and being confident in who they are effortlessly. Women are redefining themselves, in some ways, but how do you see women specifically redefining themselves in relationships and success?
Well, I don’t know. One thing I don’t like is the mentality that’s kind of evolved in the last 10 years. I know there’s a double standard when it comes to men and women, in terms of how they go into relationships. You know, guys can hook up with whoever they want and they’re just guys. Girls hook up with whoever they want and they’re H-O’s. That’s always bothered me, but one thing I’ve learned over time is that we are women. Ultimately, when it comes to sex, the anatomy [of a guy makes us] the submissive ones to a certain degree. And I think that women need to value their bodies more and value what they allow and who they allow to do that to them. I think that’s the one thing that I don’t like that’s kind of been redefined in the last couple of years. It’s this 20th century woman who can do things like a man, and I think, from a business standpoint, sure, but when it comes to physically, I think that we should value ourselves more.

It’s said that throughout your 20s, you make the mistakes and in your 30s you learn from those mistakes. Since you recently made it to this new chapter, what do you feel as though you’re just beginning to learn from your younger self?
Oh, gosh, so much. I learned that I need to really keep my eye on the prize which is God and not worry so much about what other people think of me. And if I keep my eye on the prize, people will think what they need to think of me, good or bad. I’ve learned to love myself more. I’ve learned to really be okay with any imperfection that I have physically. I’ve learned to forgive myself for any mistakes I’ve made. I’ve learned to love other people for who they are. I’ve learned to accept people for who they are. I’ve learned more about what my purpose is and what I’m most passionate about. Um… what else? I don’t know, definitely for me, I think 30 has really been life-changing, as far as how I perceive the world and how I perceive those around me and how I perceive myself. I’ve never had so much peace of mind, and I’ve never been so overly confident and I’ve never been so content with the journey. And I just feel good.

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