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Meet the Cast of VH1′s ‘Hollywood Exes’ Premieres June 27

Meet the Cast of VH1′s ‘Hollywood Exes’ Premieres June 27


A gaggle of ladies will be barreling onto reality TV programs this summer, once again on VH1. The network behind “Basketball Wives,” “Mob Wives” and “Love & Hip-Hop” has confirmed the June 27 premiere of their latest reality TV show, “Hollywood Exes.” Described as the “story of five beautiful women who cut their ties with fame,” the program will offer the former flames a platform to talk about their lives out of the spotlight.

Included in that group is the ex-wife of R.Kelly, who was pregnant with his child when he was accused of child pornography, the first wife of Will Smith and the ex of “The Purple One,” Prince. While further details on the show are skimpy, the ladies appeared in a promo video looking considerably classier than the network’s other wives; all glasses stayed on the tables, and all hands were kept to themselves. We’ll have to wait till later this month, however, to see exactly how the program pans out.

Check out the trailer and pictures of the cast below! 

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