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Mistakes Young Black Women Make in Relationships

Mistakes Young Black Women Make in Relationships

Do you feel like your youth is coming to an end by the minute? Do you not want to be the 35 year old still shaking it in the club? Are you on the chase for the ring? This seems to be the case with a lot of young women today.

Ladies, if you model yourselves after your favorite celebrity or reality star’s marriage, something that seems unobtainable to the everyday person, instead of focusing on a healthy marriage, you’re only making it worse for yourself.

A lot of women put up with BS in relationships because they’re afraid that they won’t find love again. Young women even go as far as dealing with bad habits from men to keep them by their side.

It is important to think of yourself and your feelings the next time that you take the initiative to want to ‘please’ your man. If your goal is to be married by the age of 30, and have a family by the age of 34 make sure that you are being realistic with yourself.

Just because all of your friends from high school are married or having babies every time you blink this doesn’t meant to pressure yourself into staying in a relationship based solely on time limits you’ve set.

Don’t fall into the group of women that say “I don’t love him, but he’s safe.”
Just because you feel secure knowing that you have a man, unfortunately your mind is pieced together the wrong way, blocking what matters most. And that my friends, is the main issue at hand that young women make in relationships.

Happiness cannot be found in the arms of a man, no matter how much you want it to; happiness begins with self, no matter your relationship status.

-Europe Angelique

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