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Not Cool! Keyshia Cole disses Michelle Williams and Twitter reacts

Not Cool! Keyshia Cole disses Michelle Williams and Twitter reacts

As if Keyshia Cole didn’t see this coming!

Keyshia Cole thought it was cute to trash talk Michelle Williams’ lackluster performance during Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime show via Twitter, and the public quickly rebuked her!

First and foremost, Michelle Williams will always be tied to Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, which means so matter what, she will always have a built-in stan base that will ride out on Twitter when necessary.  And though Mrs. Cole-Gibson may have been thinking along the same lines as everyone else, she actually had the balls to tweet it. We applaud the brave honesty, but Keyshia, this wasn’t the time.

As we watched the 2013 Super Bowl, we saw some phenomenal women take the stage- Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, and of course Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.  After Justin Timberlake and Janet, Miss Jackson if your nasty’s Super Bowl stunt, I honestly thought that we wouldn’t see another popular urban artist hit the stage again.

This historical moment should have been celebrated without the unnecessary drama.  Just for appearing so perfect, Beyonce had already racked up enough hate for the evening.

But Keyshia Cole just had to give her two cents.  Too bad #teammichelle threw those two pennies right back at her.  Take a look at some of the tweets responding to Keyshia.


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