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Ombre Hair … Are You Over It?

Ombre Hair … Are You Over It?

Keke Palmer

Some trends stick around for a long time — much too long.

Ombre hair — you’ve seen it on celebs like Keke Palmer, Ciara and Lady Gaga. It’s a simple hair trend of color going from dark to light starting at the root of your hair. Ombre hair has been seen in subtle transitions from dark brown to light brown or extreme colors like blonde to purple or dark brown to faded out blue.

For those with colored strands going through a growing out phase, thank the ombre trend for making it a no longer awkward process. Often considered carefree, end-of-summer, surfer hair, you can go up to six months without a touch up. To get the look, go for lots of concentrated color or highlights toward the ends of your hair, no higher than your chin in most places. To maintain the color, use a color-safe shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Light ends can dry out and become brittle if not maintained properly, so use a nourishing protective oil from your chin down.

Have you tried the ombre trend? Should the grunge-inspired look stick around or exit stage left?mckenzie harris

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