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Paula Patton Gets Sexy For GQ Magazine: 5 Things She’s Doing Right

Paula Patton Gets Sexy For GQ Magazine: 5 Things She’s Doing Right

Paula Patton is working it in these photo shoots. In her most recent shoot with GQ magazine, she shows off her killer physique in a fierce combination of lingerie, swimsuits, and stilettos.

While out promoting her latest film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with A-list actor Tom Cruise, this bombshell is taking the female action role to whole new level.

Here are five things Mrs. Patton is doing right, that we could learn from:


1. Maintains a killer body

Patton is walking proof that you can still be sexy after having children. Mother of one, Patton made sure her body bounced back complete with toned legs, arms, and a nicely sculpted stomach.

2. Always has a smile on

Believe it or not ladies, men don’t like angry, nagging women. We always see a smile and positive energy from Patton, making her that more irresistible to her male fans and her hubby.

3. She takes risks

Patton isn’t afraid to explore new territories. She pushed the bubblegum roles to the side, and went for an action fighting, stunt performing bad ass.

4. She’s dripping with swagu

It’s not always easy to flaunt your body with the whole world able to critique it. Patton has killer confidence that exudes major sex appeal, no matter what she has on.

5. Keeps her man satisfied

She’s obviously doing something right, outside and inside the bedroom. Her sexy singer husband, Robin Thicke, recently tweeted this to two of his followers:

Check out the rest of her sexy GQ photos below.



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