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Pharrell Williams cover’s ‘Elle’ UK’s July issue

Pharrell Williams cover’s ‘Elle’ UK’s July issue


Super producer Pharrell Williams channels his inner Native American, by rocking a “war” headdress on the July 2014 cover of Elle UK magazine. While his wardrobe choice may have sparked quite the controversy, the shots are quite beautiful.

“I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry,” Williams stated in regards to his cover controversy.

As for his most recent head gear choices, Williams tells UK that his iconic Arby’s hat is old news…

“I remembered (Malcolm McLaren’s) Buffalo Gals video, where he wears the hat. I actually wore it five years before I was photographed in it, it’s just that no-one was paying attention at the time.”

For more of Williams Elle UK fashion spread, view the below gallery.

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