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‘Phenomenal woman’ Maya Angelou passes away

‘Phenomenal woman’ Maya Angelou passes away

Maya Angelous

To call her a legend is an understatement. Dr. Maya Angelou, literary icon, activist and Nobel Laureate has passed away  at the age of 86. Her passing was confirmed her publicist and the mayor of her Winston-Salem hometown, Allen Joines.

Dr. Maya Angelou was found by her caretaker early this morning and it was reported that a hearse with police escort were seen leaving her  18 room Winston-Salem home at around 9:00am this morning.

Dr. Angelou, recently canceled an appearance due to health related issues, at MLB 2014 Beacon Awards Luncheon where she was to receive an award.

Once a singer and dancer, the mother of poetry, leaves her permanent impression of love, life and literature in the world. In her own words “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

The respect and admiration people have for her will not soon be forgotten nor will the way she made millions, across the world feel.

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