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Pretty Girl Chronicles: Cupcakin’ It

Pretty Girl Chronicles: Cupcakin’ It

I recently took a trip to New York City.  I love going to the ‘Big Apple’ because there’s always somewhere that I’ve never been .. always something to explore.  Walking through SoHo I stumbled across this cute little bakery called ‘Little Cupcake Bakeshop’.  It was very dainty and homely looking so I wondered inside to see what they had to offer.  Low and behold they had my favorite.. RED VELVET cupcakes!  I was ecstatic to try one and it was delish.  I definitley suggest that you try this yummy place the next time you are in NYC.

Smooches xo -Europe Angelique

Name:  Little Cupcake Bakeshop
Location: 30 Prince Street New York, NY
Website: Little Cupcake Bakeshop
Cupcakes are about $3 after tax

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