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Pretty Girl of the Week: Jasmine Smutherman

Pretty Girl of the Week: Jasmine Smutherman


Name: Jasmine Smutherman

Passion: Singer

Where are you from? Rowlett, TX

How do you describe your style? My style is a combination of classy and edgy.

How did you choose this outfit? I chose this outfit around the shorts, which describes the edgy part of my outfit. Everything else I wanted to keep simple.

What plays a major role in choosing your looks?  My mood.

Outfit first or shoes first? I always put together my outfit first and then accent it with the shoes.

Where do you draw inspiration from?  My mother. She still buys some of my clothes, following trends in magazines and television shows.

3 Favorite Stores: Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.

Looks or comfort? I like to tap into a little bit of both; looks and comfort.

Your new favorite trend: Wearing big chunky neck pieces with a blouse.

Most likely to be seen wearing: A lot of jewelry.


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