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Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 8 Highlights

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 8 Highlights

Last nights Real Housewives of Atlanta episode eight was drama filled as usual. In case you missed it, here were some of the highlights.

1. Marlo gets her money from God

In last week’s episode, Marlo made a guest appearance on Kandi’s show “Kandi Koated Nights.” Kandi asked her where she was getting her money from and Marlo responded, “from God.” In this episode, Kandi brought up the comment again at Cynthia’s modeling agency grand opening and it started a heated discussion. All of ladies have heard and believe that Marlo sleeps with wealthy men for her steady “income”. Marlo innocently insisted that God blesses her with money, along with her beauty and looks. Side eye.

2. Peter needs Cynthia to “fall on her ass”

Peter showed out  just like planned in this episode when he opted out of helping Cynthia with her grand opening party of her modeling agency. Peter said he’s had to work hard all of his life and because the agency is Cynthia’s “baby”, he wanted her to do everything on her own. He said Cynthia needed to “fall on her ass” so she knew what that was like. Cynthia boohooed through the process because she thought no one would show up, and her sister Melanie was by her side to fulfill her duties in hating on Peter like she always does. Although no one sent in their RSVP to the event, she had a full house. The only person missing during her big moment, was Peter.

3. Nene used to model back in the day

Cocky Nene boasted to the group at Cynthia’s opening, “I used to be a model back in the day, now I just look like one.” Did anyone else believe Nene used to model back in the day? We know she used to strip, but is that modeling now too? Come on Nene, like Sheree said … yes, you’re very tall.

4. Kim hates on Marlo

Kim didn’t like the idea that Marlo was sleeping with wealthy men for her income. Is she serious? Hello … Big Papa anyone? Even worse, he was a wealthy married man. Look at the pot calling the kettle black.


What were your favorite highlights from the show?


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