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Rihanna, Ciara, J Lo., Why Celebrity Women Have Man Problems

Rihanna, Ciara, J Lo., Why Celebrity Women Have Man Problems


Why is it that successful celebrity women seem to always have man problems? It seems as if it’s hard to find a good handful that can maintain a healthy relationship. This isn’t the case for ALL celebrity women, however, women such as Halle Berry, Rihanna, J. Lo, K. Michelle, and Ciara cause me to wonder. They are extremely gorgeous and talented. It seems like they could have any man, when in reality they have all had their share of drama in the man department.

It can’t be the looks so is it intimidation? produced a survey that explained some of the reasons a successful woman may intimidate a man.  Two that explained a lot are as follows:

Men are misreading you: “A mistake that lots of men make is assuming that the same skills that have created success in their professional life translate to their romantic life. If a man too often “brings the office home” with him, it can have a negative impact on his love life. The same goes for you as a woman. If you’re busy, stressed out, and can’t get out of “work mode”… you likely won’t be communicating the soft, feminine woman inside you.”

It’s also about the attraction, not your success: “If you’re a successful woman, there’s something you need to know. Your career accomplishments aren’t all that a man is looking for. A guy doesn’t fall in love with an Ivy League degree, a six-figure income, and an impressive job title. He falls in love with a woman. Whether you downplay your success, or rely on it to draw men to you, the truth is that neither option will attract a man to you or make or break your relationship in the end.”

What are your thoughts? Why does it seem as though celebrity women have a hard time finding and keeping a man?

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