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Rihanna Fires Back At N*gga B*tch Comment: Did ‘Jackie’ Go Too Far or Is Rihanna Overreacting?

Rihanna Fires Back At N*gga B*tch Comment: Did ‘Jackie’ Go Too Far or Is Rihanna Overreacting?

Dutch fashion magazine, “Jackie,” thought it would be funny to feature Rihanna in one of their articles on how to dress for Dutch winters, calling her a “n*ggab*itch” in the process.

The translated article (pictured to the left) reads the following:

“She has street cred, she has a ghetto ass and she has a golden throat. Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate niggabitch and displays that gladly, and for her that means: what’s on can come off. If that means she’ll be on stage half naked, then so be it. But Dutch winters aren’t like Jamaican ones, so pick a clothing style in which your daughter can resist minus ten. No to the big sunglasses and the pornheels, and yes to the tiger print, pink shizzle and everything that glitters. Now let’s hope she won’t beat anybody up at daycare.”

Rihanna had a few words to say to “Jackie” editor-in-chief, Eva Hoeke, on Twitter:

“@evajackie I hope u can read English, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000′s of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past!

“You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense…”N—A B—H”?!….Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you…F–K YOU!!!”

Before Rih Rih went on her Twitter roast fest, Hoeke did tweet an apology on Twitter in Dutch, as well as a response to readers on Facebook:

[Translated] “Two things we learned. 1: no bad jokes in the cover page. 2. do not act as if a bad joke is good. Sorry, guys. My bad.”

In the next issue will be a correction. I can tell you that it was never our intention to offend anyone.

The fact that Hoeke ended her apology with a “my bad” has me believing the apology was not sincere. Because of their lack of knowledge in black history and culture, other than the few celebrity artists they see perform and on tv, like Rihanna, they thought it would be OK to combine these two words and use them in their publication.

I don’t know what I find more disturbing, the fact that an editor–in-chief is ignorant enough to approve this and play around in a joking manner or that she honestly thought no one would be offended by the term “n*ggab*tch”. –mckenzie harris

What do you think about the article? Is Rihanna overreacting?

Is this publication completely wrong or is it wrong to blame them for being ignorant and using two words they hear frequently in urban music?





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