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Rihanna’s Fashion Reality Show a Major Fail?

Rihanna’s Fashion Reality Show a Major Fail?


Rihanna’s new fashion reality TV show, Styled to Rock, isn’t living up the hype that we would hope to follow the pop superstar.

After such a big announcement about her show, we were wondering why we haven’t heard much about it  since it has been on air.

According to a report in The Sun, the UK-televised-only design competition has drastically fluctuated in ratings since its debut on August 14.  Styled to Rock gives 12 aspiring British designers a chance to compete and create looks for Rihanna and other pop celebrities.  Premiering with 95,000 viewers, the second episode viewership dropped to 79,000.

Although the show rocked its way back up the charts a bit after the third episode (110,000), the total veiwer numbers still fell below Brit TV channel Sky Living’s average audience stats (153,000).

The problem behind the fluctuation is that fact that many people expected Rihanna to be present more in front of the camera more than abiding to her producer role behind-the-scenes.  With Rihanna being such a big personality, and always in front of the camera, I completely agree

Do you think it’s possible for a major pop star to maintain their level of stardom and be successful behind the scenes?


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