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Rihanna’s Hairstylist, Ursula Stephen, Talks Holiday Hair Do’s and Rihanna

Rihanna’s Hairstylist, Ursula Stephen, Talks Holiday Hair Do’s and Rihanna

Ursula Stephen’s knows a thing or two about creating unique and trendy hairstyles. Hairstylist to singer Rihanna, she’s responsible for the edgy crop cut and fire engine red tresses that left a lasting impression on everyone.

Stephen’s has also worked with celebrities such as Monica, Keyshia Cole, and Michelle Williams. Check out excerpts from her interview with the Huffington Post below where she talks holiday hairstyles, how to maintain healthy hair and what it’s like working with Rihanna.

On what women can do over the holiday season to spice up their look

I think the key to figuring out your holiday look is to figure out first and foremost what you want to look like at that holiday party. What do you want to put out there? Do you want to put out that you’re a trendy girl? Sophisticated girl? Classy girl?

So once you figure that out, you need to figure out what outfit and accessories you’re going to wear. Those things should all work together. Your hairstyle should definitely  work with your outfit. Also, start flipping through magazines and see if you find a hairstyle that represents what you’re thinking about. That way, you have an image and you can either bring it to your hairstylist or have it as a reference when you’re styling your hair.

On tips and holiday hairstyles she suggests for girls with curly hair or natural hair  

Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, $4, Walgreens

You have a few options. You can create a whole different texture in two ways. You may want to double strand your curls or you may want to braid it which will create a looser wave and a different texture all together. Or you can put it up into a really high ponytail and also create a different texture on the ends.

My go-to product which is absolutely amazing is the Motions Foaming Lotion. Every girl asks me about it! The white girls, the black girls, the natural girls, the relaxed girls, everyone can use it. Especially for the double strand twist.

On her favorite hairstyle she’s done with Rihanna

That’s the toughest question because I have so many. I think the question you should ask me, is what is my favorite hairstyle from each era. From the red era I really loved her hair when she performed on X-Factor, when it was really big and curly. When she had it short and black, I loved when she wore it with a pink lip and had it really straight and edgy. And of course I love the bob from Umbrella.

Tips to keeping hair healthy and conditioned

Be practical! You’re not an artist, so you really have to do what works for you as an average person. The best thing is to condition your hair, that’s going to keep your hair soft, supple and luxurious. We have amazing Motions conditioners like the Deep Penetrating Mask, the CPR Treatment, and all of our products are geared towards moisturizing and conditioning the hair… You should moisturize as often as you need it, just pay attention to your own hair!


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