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Sample Natural Hair Care Products With ‘The curlBOX’

Sample Natural Hair Care Products With ‘The curlBOX’

Raise your hand if you tend to get a little overwhelmed with all the options of natural hair care products on the shelves. Creams, custards, lotions, shampoos, pre-poos, conditioners … the options are endless.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just sample any product you wanted before you actually committed to purchasing the full size bottle? Well, now you can with the “curlBOX.”

The curlBOX is an affordable, effortless and easier way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand selected curly hair products from both established and up and coming brands, delivered to your doorstep every month.

Now what exactly is in a curlBOX? Every month subscribers receive five to seven quality hair product samples, based off of your personal hair profile, for a monthly fee. If you don’t like them for whatever reason, you can cancel anytime you would like.

It’s about time for the curlBOX! For more information to join, visit the curlBOX website at .



What products would you want to see in your curlBOX?


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