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Sanaa Lathan on Hair, Makeup and New Pantene Deal

Sanaa Lathan on Hair, Makeup and New Pantene Deal

In an exclusive one on one interview Actress Sanaa Lathan shares her favorite cosmetic brands,hair care regimens and products. She also discusses her deal she just inked with Pantene.

Glamazon Andrea: What are some of your favorite things that you like to wear on a daily basis as far as makeup goes?

Sanaa: Usually in my everyday life, I don’t really wear a lot of makeup. I have an IMAN bronzer that I love. So I’ll do that and just some lip gloss just for when I go out and do my errands or whatever. But, after that I love Maybelline Great Lash. That’s just been my go-to for years. I love MAC’s Ruby Woo. I love StilaBobbi know, I just play with it all. I always say that if you’re having a good day that you don’t even need a lot of makeup. You don’t even really need a good outfit. As long as your hair looks good..

Glamazon Andrea: Yes, as long as your hair has that bounce?! Yep, you’re good. Because a man won’t notice!

Sanaa: (laughing) Exactly!

Glamazon Andrea: Let’s talk about hair! Obviously you’ve just signed with Pantene. So how did all of that come about?

Sanaa: Well, you know it’s really an amazing opportunity. I love how iconic that brand is. I love that they’ve always catered to women of all races and different textures of hair. I also think that it’s groundbreaking that they’re choosing a black woman to not just know, not just their Relaxed & Natural line. I think that’s good of them. I mean, it’s time for us to have more images of us. And our beauty is just as beautiful as all of the other types of beauty. It’s just different. So, I’m thrilled! And I really believe in the product. My hair has really been softer.

Glamazon Andrea: How long have you been using it? (Side note: “It” being the Pantene Nature Fusion products)

Sanaa: I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year (2011).

Glamazon Andrea: Do you have a relaxer or are you natural?

Sanaa: No, this is my natural hair. I really do see a difference (in my hair). It smells good and it really is moisturizing. It’s strengthening! My hair has really grown. I’m a true fan.

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