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Take a peek inside Kate Moss’ covet-worthy closet

Take a peek inside Kate Moss’ covet-worthy closet


Supermodel Kate Moss gives fans a sneak peek into her closet, lined with designer duds and cover-worthy accessories. Recently, the catwalker opened up her home to Vogue UK, who provided us with a glance at Moss’ vintage bags, Louboutins, shades and more. Check out her feature below and what Moss loves most about her style…

“My handbags are arranged by: black vintage, black daytime, bling evening, Chanel, colourful daytime and, lastly, simple clutches.. I usually carry a classic Louis Vuitton bowling bag.”

“My Marc Quinn sculpture doubles as a hatstand in Jamie’s dressing room.”

“I always put on Chanel No 5 after I’ve had a bath or before I go to bed. If I’m going out, I’ll layer other fragrances on top.”

“My wardrobe is brimming with Louboutins – the classic black Pigalle stiletto in patent or matt black leather is my go-to shoe. I have so many pairs that Christian designed a style with a sharper toe and nail-thin heel, which he named the So Kate.”

“Sunglasses are for playing dress-up. I collect anything from the original Ray-Ban shapes through to Seventies Aviators or Eighties mask shades.

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