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Talking Pretty SoftSheen Carson Giveaway Contest Winners

Talking Pretty SoftSheen Carson Giveaway Contest Winners

The five winners of the SoftSheen Carson Giveaway Contest have been chosen. Each contestant had to submit a photo of their shiny, healthy hair and reveal their hair care regimen spilling the secrets to how they keep their hair looking healthy.

The winners will each receive an Optimum Care Salon Collection Heat Polisher that leaves both natural and relaxed hair sleek, shiny, and protected.

Congratulations to the winners … Raya Reaves, Tiffani Haynes, Mavis Baah, La ‘Braei, and Shaliss Hassell!

Raya Reaves

“I am an actress and also do constant photo shoots and casting calls, so it’s so important for me to keep my hair moisturized because of my color. Being in this LA weather all day, I want to be sure it doesn’t break off in the heat.”

My Hair Regimen:
1. I keep my hair healthy by washing it 2-3 times a week and using a deep conditioner.
2. I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair, so I don’t have the time for many high maintenance styles. I’ll either wear it up curly and wet with mousse or I’ll blow dry it straight with my favorite Chi serum and flat iron it really good.
3. The serum keeps my hair from looking dull and it’s light so I don’t have to worry about my hair getting oily.

Tiffani Haynes

“First, I love my short cut and will rock it until it’s a salt, and little pepper one. It’s unique, it’s low maintenance and after seven years…it’s me. My hair care routine is pretty simple:”
My Hair Regimen:
1. I get my hair cut all over every few months or when it grows out of the style and go to the barber every two weeks to get my sides and back trimmed. 
2. To get shine and keep it looking healthy I wash it every week with KeraCare’s Dry and Itchy Shampoo and use Creme of Nature’s conditioner. Every other week I sit under the dryer with conditioner to give it a little extra moisture (especially after I relax it). I’ll also use a really small amount of KeraCare’s Essential Oil when I feel it needs a little oomph.
3. I try to use limited amounts of gel to set my hair and ease up on the flat iron. I’ll only flat iron my hair at most every other day and it’s typically only sections of my hair.
To me, healthy hair is all about finding what products work for your hair and the amount in which you use them. I know that a lot of oil, heavy flat ironing and too much product just doesn’t work for my hair. I’ve found an easy way to maintain my hair the way I like it … full of volume and shine.

Mavis Baah

“Healthy hair starts from the inside so I make sure I get a daily dose of fruits and veggies and I also take a multivitamin and biotin.”
My Hair Regimen:
1. My hair gets oily fast so I wash it once a week. When I wash it myself, I comb through it first to make sure there are no tangles or knots. Then, I shampoo with Giovanni, Garnier, Mixed Chicks or Kinky Curly. Next, I apply a conditioner (usually from the same brands) and let it sit for about five minutes. I rinse the conditioner out thoroughly with cold water (it helps seal the hair cuticle and adds shine)!
2. I add Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss as a barrier before adding heat. I divide my hair into four sections and blow dry it with a paddle brush and then straighten it with a Solia flatiron which also helps add a lot of shine!
3. When I go to sleep, I don’t wrap my hair because it comes out too flat for my liking. I either pin curl it, roll it with flexi rods, or just sleep with it out on a silk pillowcase.
4. I get a deep conditioning treatment and ask a professional beautician to do my hair at least once a month. Shout out to Woodbridge, Va’s Brown Sugar Hair Salon!

La ‘Braei

“My hair care regimen is a bi-weekly process.”

My Hair Regimen:

1. Shampoo and condition with a moisturizing conditioner and rinse.
2. Next, I towel dry my hair and to avoid any extra heat damage I’ll air dry as well.
3. Once my hair is dry, I’ll apply a hair serum to my scalp (my secret is Organics Polisher Serum by Africa’s Best).
4. After moisturizing, I comb through lightly and I’m ready to style.
5. For my sleek bob, I flat iron my hair downward without bending. The serum gives my hair that extra shine!
6. At night I wrap my hair with a silk scarf to tame any frizz.      

Shaliss Hassell

“I have two main hair regimes: one for wearing it natural and one for straightening.”

My Hair Regimen:
1. When straightening, I shampoo, deep condition and detangle my hair.
2. Next I wrap my damp hair in a really soft t-shirt and, typically, let it air dry over night. In the morning, it’s almost 100% dry.
3. I part it in four sections, detangle once more, blow dry on low heat just to stretch it out then begin the flat-ironing process.
4. Before flat-ironing each piece, I run an oil free heat-protection shine through my hair.
5. Then I’m done!



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