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Taming Natural Hair Frizz

Taming Natural Hair Frizz

You spend a couple of hours straightening your natural hair, get it just right and head outside only to have all that hard work frizz up right before your eyes. How many of you have gone through this?

African American hair can be prone to frizziness from our tight curl pattern. But other elements like weather conditions, excessive use of hot styling tools, lack of moisture and drying ingredients in styling products also can be contributing factors. Follow these tips below for a fair fight against the frizz.

Smooth It Down

Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Protective Smoother

Using a smoothing serum prior to any heat application helps tremendously with taming frizz and getting in-salon results from your flat iron. Try Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Protective Smoother, $18. This heat serum provides heat-safe control and gives your hair a smooth, glossy finish.

Hands Off

When you run your fingers through your hair or allow others to play in it, frizz can result from all the constant contact. After you style your hair, leave it alone.

Use a Diffuser

When styling your hair in its natural state, use a diffuser. Diffusers not only cut down drying time by half, but they blow concentrated air onto smaller sections of your hair allowing you more control of the desired look of your curls.

Huetiful Hair Steamer

Using a steamer or heat cap with your choice of a conditioner or hair oil can provide maximum moisturizing benefits for your strands. Try the Huetiful Hair Steamer,$115, which restores moisture to your dry hair five times better than deep conditioners or hair treatments alone. The steamer also reduces future breakage and split ends caused by dry hair.

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