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Thandie Newton Named New Face of Louis Vuitton

Thandie Newton Named New Face of Louis Vuitton

Actress Thandie Newton was just named the new face of luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Newton is not only representing as a woman of color, but also of one with great poise, sophistication, beauty, intelligence, and elegance. The 38-year-old mother of two took beautiful vintage double exposed photos for the shoot and briefly discussed the values of photographs and images from the past.

“The images really take you into the heart of history itself,” said Newton. “To parallel that we’re getting into the history of me through the items I’ve chosen. One of the things about these photographs is the layers of meaning. Each picture is so unique so it just creates this desire to be my most essential self.”

Check out the photos below as well as an exclusive video where Newton talks history at the Louis Vuitton ‘Double Exposure’ photoshoot.


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