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The Day Christian Louboutin Was Downgraded to ‘Red Bottoms’

The Day Christian Louboutin Was Downgraded to ‘Red Bottoms’

As I was standing in line at Walmart a few days ago, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation going on between the two women behind me. It began with one woman flipping through a hip-hop magazine expressing her love for rapper Young Jeezy to her friend.

They went on to have an discussion about how much “swag” Amber Rose had for “bagging Wiz Khalifa,” and upon looking at a photo of her, they said in unison, “red bottoms” and laughed.

Then it hit me, that what really bothered me about their entire conversation was the term “red bottoms.”

We’ve heard Rick Ross grunt lyrics like “The one’s beneath me recognize the red bottoms I wear,” maybe because the actual name wouldn’t have been as catchy. But between those in our society, why have we reduced the name of this high end French brand and stamped it as merely a color slapped on the under soles of our shoe?

Christian Louboutin shoes have continued to be a staple accessory in celebrity wardrobes, yet have become a cry of “new money” in today’s generation. We get a check or save up enough of our hard earned cash and head straight to the mall to buy our first pair of “red bottoms.” Are they a status symbol? Do the shoes let others know that your bank account (or someone else’s)  may run a little deep?

Don’t get me wrong, every woman should own at least one pair  (or two or three) of sky high Loubies in her closet if that’s what she desires and can afford. But what happened to the appreciation of a high end luxury brand? There’s no problem with wearing the label, but shouldn’t you want to know how to pronounce the name … or at least get close to it? Saying “red bottoms” sounds just as silly as the character “Nomi” from the movie “Showgirls” pronouncing Versace as Versase.

Case in point, if you don’t take the time to learn how to pronounce the name correctly, then maybe you shouldn’t be wearing the brand. What are your thoughts?

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