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The Hating Black Woman: Why Do We Tear Each Other Down?

The Hating Black Woman: Why Do We Tear Each Other Down?

Deena hating on Kim Kardashian on TV show "H8R"

Dear Kim Kardashian,

“I don’t like what you stand for. I don’t like how you out here tannin’, how you got the lip injections. It’s f—ing up the game for me! I used to have a corner on this market … damn. Frankly the b—h is a thief, she got the fake booty, she all over the media with our men. Everything about you is fake. You know where all of that s–t you got, where it came from … it came from us. Hello is anybody in there? You need to stop acting like you the first person to ever have a booty because it aint true. I f—ing hate Kim K.”



Those are the exact words expressed by an African American woman named Deena on the new CW show “H8R”, who appears to be very passionate about her strong dislike of reality star Kim Kardashian. Hosted by Mario Lopez, “H8R” is centered around well-known celebrities confronting civilian haters who bash them. Deena is one of them.

Why Deena expressed so much animosity toward a celebrity she had never met in her life seemed clear … jealousy. But why do people feel so comfortable in being mean-spirited toward an individual who has never done anything personally to harm her? It’s interesting how a TV personality can trigger such a reaction void of any logical reasoning.

Sometimes people forget that celebrities are human and have feelings too. Celebrities’ human frailties and vulnerabilities are not negated by their millions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about others. Frankly with celebrities, sometimes all we have to base those opinions on is what we see displayed on television and reality shows.

Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Rihanna are bashed by fans, followers, and the media every day, based on rumors, and strategic video editing on reality shows. Why is it easier to say something mean about someone instead of recognizing something positive about them? Is is more enjoyable to be a mean girl and hate just because you can? What are we really hating on?

Situations like this should make us think that if we can display this much hatred toward someone we don’t know, maybe we need to look internally for the cause. The reason may be deeper than what we thought, whether because of personal insecurities, jealousy, or damaging past experiences.

You can watch the full segment to see how Kardashian responded to Deena after the confrontation. What are your thoughts? Why do women feel the need to blame and tear each other down just to feel a little better about themselves?

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